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I apologize but this old man had to take a season off. I hope to have the show back next season.




CONGRATULATIONS! to the winners.

Class winners received the usual 1st place ribbons. Division and Overall Champions and Reserves received engraved plates.

by Greta Meyer -

    Judges' Terminology

Ever ask yourself, "What does the judge mean by that?"
Check out the Terminology page.

Janey Broken S Ranch Sarah Carol Frank and Jennie Miller 
Slu Ranch Bob, Flo and Mike Palmieri Broken S Ranch Bob, Flo and Mike Palmieri Bob, Flo and Mike Palmieri Rose Outlaw Acres Carol Dink & Terri Ellen Mark Mark Frank and Jennie Miller 
Kay Jeff & Cindy COPEI BOERS Sheri Tim Terry & Sue Carlton Julie COPEI BOERS Carlton Mary Joey & Becky Bob, Flo and Mike Palmieri Patrick & Callene Joey & Becky Robin & Micah Breeders' Directory
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