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2004 Overall Champions
Fullblood Doe
Selected by Paulette Wohnoutka & Reggie Phillips
Thank you for sending in your photos. I wish we could put these goats in the ring together so we could watch these goats walk, check mouths and teats. Today we have to judge these goats by the photos that were furnished. When we compared these goats the goat that puts everything together is the junior champion. She is structurally correct, has muscle to spare and she is still very feminine with a pretty head. She is long bodied with a nice spring of rib with plenty of body capacity. The doe that follows the champion the closest is the junior reserve doe so she is going to be your reserve champion doe today. These are all very nice does and all have a place in "OUR" breeding programs today.
Overall Grand Champion

Jerico Farms
Kirk Rowe
Hamilton, GA, USA
Overall Grand Champion

Faith Valley Farm
Gary Daugherty
Gatesville, TX, USA

Selected by Joe Raff & Marvin Shurley
Looking at this class it comes down to a battle of the Sr. and Jr. champions!!!! Both have so many positive attributes the call could go either way, flip a coin. I see our Sr. Champion goat having to placed as our Overall Champion, you just cannot look at this very masculine appearing buck and not get excited. He has the width, length, muscling, bone, and body capacity needed to qualify as our #1 goat out of this class of four. When we see an older animal who still holds it all together in terms of structural correctness at his age, it's also indicative of longivevity as to breeding life. An aspect missing in so many Boer breeding programs today. Our Jr. Champion easily outclasses either the Sr. reserve or Jr. reserve goats in this class. He packs so much muscle on his frame as well as exhibiting that masculinity we like to see in a breeding buck. It's plain to see his only competition in this class is our Sr.Champion buck. The fact that he is younger and we don't know what his future holds weighs against him today. I would also like to see his pasterns even though from the photo they appear fine another "very slight" demerit which knocks him down to Overall reserve.
Overall Grand Champion

DSM 2B108
Rowdy Mountain Boer Goats
Brenda & Jerry Stacy
Rowdy, KY, USA
Overall Reserve Champion


Percentage Doe
Selected by Paulette Wohnoutka& Danny Thompson
Overall Grand Champion

Cow Creek Farm
Mike & LeaAnn Robison
Kerens, TX, USA
Overall Reserve Champion

Bar None Meat Goats
Robin L. Walters
Seguin, TX, USA

Selected by Joe Raff
Our Champion is the thickest, longest and best balanced today - A hard combo to beat! For Reserve it was close and I like all these wethers but I am going with the goat with the most hip and best rack shape. Congratulations to all!
Overall Grand Champion

ORF 100
Oak Ridge Farm
Billie, Sherri, Shelby & Lane Hall
Hamilton, TX, USA
Overall Reserve Champion

RG 3

Richard & Juanita Griffin
Alice, TX, USA

Sarah Mark Frank and Jennie Miller 
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