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    Judging Terms
This page will be a "work in progress" addressing questions on the subject of judging terminology.
Some of the listed conditions can be attributed to the way the goat is standing in the photo, not to the actual condition of the goat.

An annotated reference drawing of the parts of a goat is located at the bottom of this page.

BALANCE - A well-balanced entry presents a good over-all ratio of height to width to length. The body parts are in good relationship with each other and the animal has "eye appeal".
An entry described as "out of balance", "lacks balance", etc. might have one or more of the following characteristics.

length - short or long compared to height
legs - short or long compared to height
neck - short or overly long
head - too large or small for body
Kid classes are particularly difficult to judge because young goats go through growing spurts with various parts of their bodies growing faster than others.

SICKLE HOCKED Excess angulation of the hocks. The opposite of "posty".

COW HOCKED - The hocks are rotated toward each other viewed from the back or the shanks angle inward from top to bottom bringing the hocks too close together.

HOOKS TO PINS - The hip. A short hipped goat or a steep hipped goat might be described as "short from hooks to pins" or "too steep from hooks to pins". This is part of "balance" (see above).

POSTY - The rear leg has no bend at the hocks when the goat is standing still.

WEAK PASTERNS - Viewed from the side the pasterns should appear to be only slightly bent.

WASTY - The brisket protrudes out in front of the goat. The comment might be "I'd like to clean up her front end".

Over or Under CONDITIONED - refers to the amount of fat layer below the skin. Over conditioned means too fat.

LACKS FEMININITY - neck too short, face too "bucky", over-developed muscles... feminine looking does tend to produce more masculine bucks.

Adapted from a drawing provided by The Oklahoma Boer Goat Association


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